Monday, 21 January 2013

Come along and support a local family

When Alfe was ill we were overwhelmed by the kindness and support of strangers, without which we would have found the place we found ourselves in even harder to deal with. Thankfully as you all know we were fortunate to have a good outcome. It's not just having to deal with your child been diagnosed with cancer but also the repercussions the illness brings into your life such as having to give up work, not seeing your other children every day because you are at the hospital, often miles from home. Sadly another local family have recently found themselves in that situation after their 2 year old son was diagnosed with lung cancer. Their friends are organising a weekend of events on the 16th and 17th February to raise funds for the family. Alfe, Sophie-Mae and I will be bag packing at ASDA, Kingsthorpe on the Saturday alongside lots of other friends of Harveys family and details can be found here about the 17th: We hope you can make one or both of the events and make a difference to this family.

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