Monday, 15 December 2014

Review of 2014 so far

Alfe's Cause is made up of a small team. This year we have become a registered charity and been lucky enough to have been supported throughout the year by Time for Tots magazine, Northampton town centre Sainsbury's, the Wellingborough branch of Lloyd's, the Northamptonshire Community Foundation and work in partnership with Be Child Cancer Aware. This support has enabled us to continue monthly activity meetings with the families and welcome newly diagnosed families to the charity, deliver care packs to the children's wards of Northampton General hospital and raise awareness of childhood cancer.   
This year two of the team have driven to 167 schools within Northamptonshire (We lost count of how many miles that equals.) Of those 167 schools 138 of them sent out the Be Child Cancer Aware cards and our leaflets for us. 
For people who like numbers this equals 32,500 cards been sent out around Northamptonshire:
30,487 have gone to primary schools
90 to children centres
1400 to a secondary school and the remaining 523 have been given out when we have attended events to fund raise. 
Thank you to everyone that has supported us and we hope you will continue supporting us in 2015.
The reasons we do this are simple:
1) Early diagnosis can save lives.
2) Families have the right to know the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer.
3) Once upon a time we were parents who thought it would never happen to their children either but we and many other families are proof that sadly childhood cancer does exist.
We are looking forward to our Christmas party with the families on Saturday.
Merry Christmas to everyone and healthy and happy new year wishes to you all x

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