Sunday 6 April 2014

Busy times raising awareness

It has been busier than ever at Alfe's Cause over the past month with us contacting and visiting schools to drop off the Be Child Cancer Aware information cards and welcoming new families. Overall we are really pleased with the schools responses even though when one says "no" and they do it's really hard because that one "no" potentially stops 400 people having the opportunity to be aware of information we hope they never have to refer to but it's better to know and never need it than not know and wish afterwards they had known. One of the reasons we are so driven about getting the awareness out there is because from our own experiences we weren't aware until after diagnosis. Here is an interview on Mum Street about our story. Please highlight the link and then click on the "go to" to open up the article and website: The signs and symptoms featured are those from the Be Child Cancer Aware cards. For more about Be Child Cancer Aware please visit: 

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