Monday 17 February 2014

Fun on the farm

On Sunday 16th February 26 members of the Alfe's Cause group met up at West Lodge Rural Centre for our monthly get together. Everyone has agreed that this was the best meeting to date. I think this was because we were out in the fresh air and mud where the kids could run around and just be kids. The parents were all able to catch up whilst watching the kids enjoying themselves. We were lucky that it didn't rain and enjoyed watching pig racing, riding around in barrels pulled by a tractor, playing in the park, feeding the animals and going for a walk in the woods. Originally I thought families would go their separate ways after lunch but instead we all stayed together. Here are some photo highlights.
All meeting up on arrival

Parents catching up

Enjoying the food 

Welcoming new friends and playing with old ones

Brotherly love

Another example of brotherly love

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