Wednesday 17 April 2013

RE; Happy days

On Sunday we were lucky enough to be invited back to Rockingham by Sporting Bears where the families had the chance to experience Dream Rides in lots of different cars.
For Alfe it was an opportunity to meet up with a friend he had met in hospital and hadn't seen for a couple of years. To most people looking at this photo you would see two cheeky boys but this photo sums up just how far both have come surviving cancer and all the hurdles along the way, so it's very much a photo of achievement!
DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: Saturday 4th May is the next planned Alfe's Cause/Celebrating Siblings meeting which will be taking place at bowling. Any families that want to attend need to confirm by 21st April so it can be booked.
As a group we do rely on donations and fundraising to keep running so if anyone would like to arrange an event on our behalf please contact us on the email below.
If you wish to contact a member of the Alfe's Cause team please email:

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