Saturday 21 July 2012

Today 16 members of the Celebrating Siblings families met in Northampton town centre to see where King Chaos was displayed as part of the Go Safari project and afterwards we went and had lunch at Buddies.
One of the aims of Celebrating Siblings is to provide an opportunity for brothers and sisters of children who have a long term illness be able to build friendships with children who are sharing a similiar situation, decreasing the social isolation that can be associated with childhood illness. Today was another fantastic example of these friendships developing.

After a lovely get together when we got home Alfe and I were really shocked by a surprise visit from our friend, Aga, who after been sponsored to do a parachute jump raised £702 for Alfe's Cause. This money will go towards keeping the Celebrating Siblings group running in 2013. Thank you so much to Aga and everyone who sponsored her.

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