Sunday 29 May 2011

2010 - A Christmas Eve to remember

(Left to right - Jack, Sophie-Mae, Matt Smith & Alfe)
 A visit from the Dr
A visit from the doctor is not usually something we see as something to look forward to...

However, thanks to The Northampton Chronicle & Echo, a visit from Dr Who star Matt Smith was arranged in recognition of Alfe's fundraising work during 2010 on Christmas Eve.

A few months before the surprise visit Alfe and his friend Jack had made each other a  promise that whoever got to meet Matt first (neither really believing they ever would) would try their best to make sure the other one was there too. After been told the day before that Matt would be visiting Jacks mum drove him to Northampton in time to meet his and Alfe's hero. Matt spent time showing them how to fix a sonic screwdriver and was brilliant with them.
For Alfe, his sister and Jack I think that will always be the best Christmas Eve ever!

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